Tessa Hubble

Oil on Canvas, Watercolour, Charcoal and graphite

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Stemming from traditional methods of drawing and painting, I started to form a personal style in art by practicing in a broad range of mediums and subject matter, within plein air studies and studio practice.


Earning a Fine Arts degree at RMIT and a scholarship from the Rome Art Program in 2012 exposed me to incredible experiences and meeting many international artists.

From there I've found a true sense of enjoyment in communication through painting and drawing, which is capturing personal and open interactions with people and the surrounding environment. The past year I've been inspired to broaden my style into more simplistic techniques, harnessing the energy of expressions and communications.

city of bath
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Solo Exhibition:   Affinity

Yering Station upstairs until 19 November 2018

Hubble’s personal style of artistic expression has evolved through applying traditional methods of drawing and painting to a broad range of subjects while working across diverse mediums.

In particular, the spontaneity and immediacy of watercolour painting has influenced her oil painting resulting in a style at once broad, free and characterised by a limited colour palette and strong contrasts.

Inspired by people in their immediate surrounds, and also by people captured in action, in conversation or in moments of quiet reflection, ‘Affinity’ focuses on sensitivity emerging from bold simplicity.

In 2012 Hubble graduated from RMIT with a degree in Fine Arts and was awarded a scholarship for the Rome Art Program. The visual and cultural immersion this involved and the artistic connections it enabled continues to inspire her arts practice.