Bev Hardidge

Acrylic/Mixed Media, various

0405 020 813

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Hi I'm Bev Hardidge and I live in Hoddles Creek in the beautiful Yarra Valley area of Victoria, Australia. I have been keen on art and crafts all my life. Having a creative mum, who was a prolific sewer, knitter and potter, certainly influenced me. Being creative is just part of my being. I just need to be making something, no matter what it is. Over the years I have dabbled in many creative pursuits.  My four adult children and husband are all creative in their own individual ways.  We sometimes collaborate in creating artworks.  I am a keen photographer and take lots of photos which could be used to base paintings from and give me inspiration.


Since moving to the Valley several years ago I have concentrated mostly on painting and experimenting with different mediums.  My paintings are sometimes realistic, sometimes imaginary and often a mixture of both. I use acrylic paints, inks, collage and all manner of  markers. Many of my paintings have texture created by various mediums.  I love depicting nature and the world around me and I am inspired by what I observe on our property and the area we live.


I also enjoy teaching others my passion for painting and being creative in my studio on our six-acre property.  My other interests are gardening (we try to live off our property as much as possible), our animals and our beautiful family.