Alexander Pinkster

9727 0551
E:  [email protected]
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Alexander's art is about colour and the interplay between man-made objects and organic shapes.  Black lines either accentuate or link the colours and shapes creating an harmonious balance between the three elements.  Throughout his paintings, he aims for a symmetry that is pleasing to the eye and calming to the spirit.  Alexanders ideas for his works come from within, but inspiration comes from his immediate environment and surroundings.  An earlier life working in design in the fashion industry, and in landscape design, are also an influence with related aspects of colour, design and form.  Some of his works are symbolic, some geometrical design, some tell stories of human condition, some are about the environment.  They reflect life and behind each painting there is a story.  


2019 - Art at Linden Gate

2018 - Memo Art Gallery

2017 - Art Framed Gallery, Healesville

2017 - Innocent Bystander, Healesville

2007 - 2015 Rotary Art Show Bendigo