Ted Secombe

Porcelain ceramic ware, Stainless Steel, Fibreglass & Bronze sculptures
Dixons Creek    
0419 572 882  or  0419 004 448
[email protected] 
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My aim is to create beauty in the objects I produce in an honest and professional manner.

My Current work is moving away from the constraints of perfectionism I pursued in my earlier career. I have deconstructed some of my glazes to create surfaces that are gentler and less predictable in an attempt to be more in sync with the natural world. The quest for new and different glaze formats continues along with a desire to find forms that will accommodate these new discoveries.


Engaging in the new and unknown brings enthusiasm and joy to my ceramic practice.

My desire has always been to create works that speak for themselves.

Ted working
map-tedsecombe-Bowl, cobalt and lime green
Kimono series
grey andblack kimono vase
Ted potting
Ted blue pots
Ted Secombe