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Artist Statement

My upcoming exhibition is a series of paintings called “Western Synthesis” which is a body of work that starts in the Kimberley region of Australia and incorporates the Kalbarri and Karijini National Parks culminating with coastal works from the Esperance area of South East Western Australia.

My work is primarily about process. It is about drawing, observation, colour, brush strokes, the use of form and observation.

With observation, I recall the emotional moment of viewing the landscape and try to emulate that into my painting. It is also about colour. The use of complementary colours to enhance areas and using these juxtapositions to enhance the value of the composition. This is partly influenced by the colour theories of John Constable, Eugene Delacroix and Vincent van Gogh.


Brushwork is also an important part of my work. I create a feeling of music with a variety of energetic strokes juxtaposed to laboured detailed areas. This is order against disorder, which relates to human condition. 

Finally, the most important aspect of my work is poetry and concept.



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