Paul Sonsie

Designer and Artist

0411 323 826

[email protected]

Paul Sonsie wears the cap of Graphic Designer but raging through his veins is the blood of an Artist. 

During Open Studios, Paul shares with you the product of his consistent and very personal love of art, with paintings and original artwork on display.  Paul mixes styles and techniques he has explored along the way and you will get to see Paul’s interior wall graphics in their grand glory.

One thing is for sure, a colourful and vibrant display awaits you.

Paul’s design career started out on canvas, exhibiting his paintings and producing murals for cafes and shops. In Paul’s search to expand and explore new frontier’s, he turned to the world of Graphic Design and his creative endeavours have not disappointed this ambitious man.

It wasn’t long however until Paul decided to open his own creative design business - Sonsie Studios, hands down his most successful pursuit yet. He has gained momentum fast and is becoming well known for his creative abilities, from branding businesses to vividly imagined  wall murals.