Melissa Shemanna

Painting - egg tempera, oil glazing

Mt Toolebewong

0432 816 034

[email protected]


Visionary artist, curator and cultural art activist, Melissa Shemanna explores the frontiers of our evolving cosmic consciousness on our planet. Woven though an understanding of ancient myth and magic of indigenous law/lore, Melissa is originally self taught, and has also learned the old masters 12 century technique of hand-made egg tempera and oil medium glazing, from mentors such as Amanda Sage, Laurence Caruana and others. She is known for her ability to ‘bring highly saturated pure pigmented colour, into a light on awareness, through her intimate vision’. 

Shemanna brings raw and original energy to her paintings and offers detailed symbolic story, through her sensual expressions of embodiment, rich and pulsing with a larger perspective. 

Melissa has recently created a private arts enterprise NGO called “Vision. Create. Pollinate Foundation” for arts based projects that contribute towards cultural expression, creative activism and environmental awareness surrounding the honeybee, exploring what it means to achieve enlightenment in a civilisation, and bringing it all back to the inner alignment and responsibility of each human. Melissa is based rurally at her off-grid intentional community home in the mountains of the Yarra Valley, where she reside with her two boys. She holds regular studio exhibitions and workshops at the venue within her home “The Honeybee Temple”. Melissa currently curates 

international galleries at various arts festivals around the world and aims to contribute

towards a greater vision of sustainable arts practice in Australia, that benefits ecological and cultural factors. 



Currently Melissa Shemanna is curating and managing the Jan 2019 EVOLVE GALLERY, which is an international pop up gallery, held during the Rainbow Serpent Festival, and holds close to 200 artworks of representatives from all over the world. 


Melissa is also currently working towards a new fundraising project for her NGO; Vision. Create. Pollinate Foundation in 2019, and will release more details soon.