Margaret McLoughlin

Oil painting, Pring making, Drawings, Sculpture


Yarra Glen

0401 001 907

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My artwork has always been influence by my surroundings. While living in Cape Town, it was inspired by the distinct Cape Dutch buildings and simple, rural, thatched cottages as well as the local inhabitants. My work has always included elements of life, making them narratives.


Living in the ‘burbs’ after emigrating to Melbourne in 1985, it was the suburban landscape and nostalgic still life objects that interested me, but since moving to the Yarra Valley, where we are dominated by the surrounding, ever-changing, always dramatic landscape, with its life forces, my focus has changed.


Always interested in structure, it’s the trees and structures in the landscape that provide the basis of my compositions, which are then inhabited by the numerous domesticated and wild animals and birds which I engage with daily. We live in a busy valley, with vineyards, horse arenas, cultivated pastures and a growing population, all of which I absorb from my elevated studio, with its 180 degree view.


Printmaking- largely Linoprinting in the past and more recently Mokuhanga printing (Traditional Japanese Woodblock Printing) are also passions, which also influence the way I paint. Bold shapes, strong line and colour are what excite me, all of which describe my work. I hope, too, that I convey my love of this beautiful environment through my work.

Our garden
Tom's Farm 2