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“Photography as connection, therapy, transformation’

“I am interested in the experience of living. I seek the odd couplings, the juxtapositions of life, momentary things that coincide only briefly and then dissipate. 

I feel my images before I see them. My work captures the minutiae of a life that is not always mine. I feel the world, and my camera is how I dialogue with others about what I notice.”

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Lou migrated to Australia in 1991. She currently resides near Melbourne in the spectacular Yarra Valley - a place whose people and landscape has informed and inspired much of her work to date.


Lou credits her photographic beginnings to time spent as a child in her Dad’s makeshift home darkroom - an otherwordly and magical place where images could appear as if from nowhere - and her first 35mm film camera - a Rollei LED - used exclusively to make black and white images, which is her intuitive way of seeing.


In 2017, after a long break from meaningful photography – working in ‘proper jobs’ - she finally attended to an inner voice and, with a deep desire for change and intrigued by the potential of the connective, therapeutic and transformational qualities of photography, Lou closed the doors on her career as a health professional to do what she really wanted to do ‘when she grew up’.


Largely self-taught, she works primarily in digital format across a variety of genres in both art focused and commercial work and has also recently returned to exploring the world of analogue photography and film processing.


Lou is available for private commissions, commercial assignments, collaborations and project-based work. Her images are showcased at www.therealwork.com.au and may be purchased as archival grade prints and high-resolution digital files.

Further information can be found on her website or by contacting her directly.

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