Lee Herath

Photographic Artist

T 0419 264 888

E [email protected]

W www.leeherathart.com 

Healesville artist Lee Herath studied photography at Photography Studies College, Southbank, Victoria.  


Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic philosophical concept of 'Wabi Sabi', she creates limited edition, 

contemporary photographic works that go beyond the surface and capture the spirit of the the subject. 


Her process is experimental, filled with discovery and surprise, although the outcome is entirely intentional. 

She lets the subject matter guide her, so that each work evolves spontaneously into painterly works of movement, energy 

and light. She often writes a 'Haiku' to describe her works in a simple way. 

Lee has always been fascinated with genesis and everything on this amazing planet. She explores the world with a childlike curiosity which takes her on exciting expeditions that lead to creating expressive works. She hopes that her works inspire others to look beyond the surface and see the beauty and mystery that lies beneath.

Lee's works are available on archival washi, canvas and handmade papers. She is also available for commissioned work. 

Further information can be obtained by contacting Lee directly. 


Exhibitions  ​ 


    * Ballarat International Foto Biennale 
    * YAVA Gallery and Arts Hub 
    * Contemporary Art Awards 
    * Yarra Glen Art Show ​ 


Awards ​ 


    * 2019- Finalist, Contemporary Art Awards, Queensland Australia 
    *  2014 - Silver Award, Australian Professional Photography Awards 
    *  2013 - Bronze Award , International Loupe Awards 
    *  2012 - Silver Distinction, Australian Professional Photography Awards 
    *  2012 - Silver Awards, Better Digital Camera Magazine 
    *  2012 - Bronze Award, Better Digital Camera Magazine ​ Collections ​ Private Collections