Jessica Harris

Drawing, Painting, Collage

0438 957 531  

[email protected]

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I am a multimedia artist living and working in the Yarra Ranges, Melbourne

The key themes of my work are exploring the human condition. The majority of my work is an emotional response to an everyday event seemingly small and insignificant but at the time monumental. Looking at the emotions of relationships and dealing with the everyday trivialities is what inspires my art the most. The use of repetitive line is the vehicle to creating my stories.


Upcoming exhibitions and workshops


Large scale paste-up as part of Immerse 2019, Knox Festival at Mountain Shopping Centre, Bayswater.


Drawing workshop at Bayswater Library as part of Immerse Festival 14th September 12 – 1pm.

Link to book:


The Joy Ave Studio- ongoing art classes in my home studio, for children and youth.

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