Jenny Reddin

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From my home in the Yarra Valley, I see every day the changes that occur in our landscape. The accumulation of these changes, these consequences, of both human and climatic actions, are painted in the detail of the landscape, in the stories it tells, in the minute and infinite detail.  

These details and stories evoke in me a visceral response and my art channels  this through the expression of the emotion that presents as a result of cataclysmic events such as bushfires, floods, soil erosion, habitat loss, extinction of species and environmental degradation.

Each of these events occur as a result of a burst of energy that causes a change, resulting in consequences that are random, uncontrolled, unexpected;
sometimes catastrophic. There is often beauty in the chaos, but always impact - whether for the short, or potential long term. These are not only earth changing events, regardless of how seemingly small, but actually quiet significant in shaping the story of the land, and all the consequences that follow.

As I produce artworks I am consciously recreating these cataclysmic scenarios
where I drown the canvas in viscous solutions of solvents, medium and

pigments. I use gravity as my paint brush, manipulating the surface to repel or attract pigment as it falls out of solution. The resulting artwork is reminiscent of aerial photography of monumental landscapes, or of bodies, body parts and internal landscapes. 

Mixed Media on Canvas
129 Whelans Road   Healesville,    Vic 3777
Open by appointment

0408 336 790  

[email protected]

2017    Power of the Flower, Art at Linden Gate

2015    Governors Island Art Fair, New York
           Consequences - Memorial Hall,

2013    Monsalvat, Eltham
2012    Art at Linden Gate, Yarra Glen
            Manyung Gallery, Malvern
            Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy

            Anita Traverso Gallery, Richmond 
2010    Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy
            Art Melbourne, Cambridge Studio

            Gallery,  Collingwood   

2016     Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

2014     Three Stories Gallery, Healesville

2011      Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Finalist in the Brunswick Street Gallery Art Prize 2010 and 2011
Winner 1st prize in the inaugural Banyan Gallery People’s Choice award.
Yarra Valley Art Show Award Winner 2005


Art Almanac Featured Artist September 2012

New Exhibition:  

Last Man Standing

4 April - 13 May 2018

The Lost Ones

14 Camp St,  Ballarat

Healesville artist Jenny Reddin is intrigued and moved by the symbol of the flower. Her focus and attention to the flower as an important tool to help communicate emotional complexity is the basis for a new exhibition of works opening at The Lost Ones Contemporary Art Gallery on 4th April 2018. Last Man Standing is a comprehensive investigation of colour, beauty, loss, love and mourning.

Jenny was first moved to try and capture the importance of the use of flowers as emotional language when she witnessed the outpouring of grief of the death of Princess Diana in 1997. The sheer weight of response from the public, many of who used flowers as a means to process, translate and communicate their grief, was overwhelming to Jenny.

“There are no rules or instructions about how to offer a tribute,” explained Jenny. She noted that the flowers used to commemorate Princess Diana’s life were “spontaneous and immediate. They were and are a direct expression of the voice of humanity.”

This has come closer to home with Jenny’s own daughter narrowly escaping injury in September 2017 when a rogue driver killed innocent pedestrians in Melbourne central city streets. Jenny’s daughter was moved to respond through placing her own flowers as a method of processing and dealing with grief and trauma.

Jenny has examined the symbol of flower, as well as interrogating colour. She was deeply affected by the stories of First World War soldier’s folklore, where it was said that the red poppies were among the first plants to spring up in the devastated battlefields.

Jenny defines herself as a ‘poured paint artist’, producing abstract works that come heavily from chance. This creates series of almost Rorschach-styled pieces that give the viewer the opportunity to draw their own interpretation, to create their own relationship with the work. There is a delicate transience in Jenny’s work that suggests the fragility of life, the presence of shame, regret and loss. The red can be taken to represent sacrifice and remembrance, but the white flower that also features in Jenny’s work may symbolise consolation and peace.

Wildflower Exhibition: November 30 - January 20, 2019 - MiRA Marysville
Wildflowers features botanical artworks by Janet Matthews, abstract oils by Jenny Reddin and sculptural ‘plants with attitude’ by Genevieve McLean. Just in time for wildflower season, this exhibition is a great place to start your wildflower discovery on the way to Lake Mountain to walk amongst the region’s stunning wildflowers.

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