Jan Liesfield


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[email protected]
Blog: theartfields.wordpress.com
Instagram: theartfields

Journeys through landscapes is what inspires me to create an artwork. In my prints I try to depict these scenes in a stylised manner, hopefully evoking a sense of place, without being literal copies of them.

I love to use mark making and depict the landscape in layers, from close up to the far distance, manipulating the view in such a way as to include as much detail as possible.

I enjoy printmaking, painting and artist book making using mixed media whenever I can.


New Zealand

Police Point, Portsea

Nancy Fairfax, Tweed Regional Gallery, upcoming.

Important exhibitions:

  • Tacit Gallery, Editions.

  • Sydney Contemporary Works on Paper

  • Aratoi Gallery, Masterton New Zealand

  • Firestation Print Studio which has included works going to Florence Italy, Japan, Ireland, America, London and all over Australia.

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