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Oil painter

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Di is an artist who thrives on variety and creative challenges involved in painting different subjects. Her understanding of colour and form, and how these are influenced by the effect of varying light is truly impressive. Di’s ability to capture light and movement show in her paintings.  Di’s love of the bush and all things Australian inspired her to join the “Cattlemen’s Association of Victoria” and the “Victorian Working Draught Horse Association”. There her love of cattle drives, horseman, dust raising, river crossings and the High Country, along with her ploughing scenes, became synonymous with the art of Di King. Her paintings have always included the figure in one way or another. Di’s Figurative work is evocative and sensuous, from lovely young ladies draped in sheets to soft flowing fabric with moody back lighting or people in action.

In 2005 Di took on a challenge that for most would have been too daunting. To paint
Nine prominent Australian Celebrities to raise funds for charity. This was a
mammoth project which took no less than eighteen months.

The celebrities were:-
Tommy Emmanuel…World famous guitar player
Bruce Rowland……….Celebrated Composer and Conductor
Julie Anthony………….Singer and Entertainer
Hugh Jackman………..International actor and entertainer
James Morrison……...One of the worlds greatest Trumpet players
Rhonda Burchmore…One of Australia’s most versatile entertainers
Marina Prior…………...A Leading Lady of Australian musical theatre
Peter Brocklehurst….Opera Singer
Graeham Goble……….International songwriter and founding member of the
“Little River Band”


In 2007 Di also painted Geoffrey Rush and in 2009 painted Olivier Newton John
for another charity organization called “Chairs for Charity.


Di has judged many art shows and conducted workshops and demonstrations over many years, but now chooses to devote her time to her true passion. That of painting.


My next exhibition will be at the “Little Fishes Gallery” in Marysville
With fellow artist Julie Ricketts.
Official Opening Saturday 1.30pm Sat 5th October
Exhibition times 11am—4pm Daily to Sun 13th Oct
Closing Thursday 10th @ 3pm for a critique afternoon.
All welcome