Cecilia Sharpley

Eco Printing, Linoprint, Monoprint, Artist Books, hand-made paper, lettering art


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The studio displays many aspects of my higgledy piggledy brain, but for Open Studio it will be organised so that the various art practices gather in their own areas around the studio.


For the first time I am able to demonstrate the translucent qualities of some of the eucalyptus leaves through my small lamps. It is such an exquisite surprise to view the printed lampshade and then flip the switch and see the colours come to life.


Eco prints are also available as mounted prints, framed prints, and sketchbook/journals.


A corner with seating and lighting will invite visitors to sit and handle the wide variety of artist books (no white gloves required).  A limited selection of these will be available for sale.


Displays of handmade paper, mono/lino prints will be grouped with explanations of process, materials and media.