Cathy van den Essen

I draw my inspiration from ancient and modern cultures, such as symbolism like Runes and the modern Heart. Symbols are a simple form of communication, an unspoken language. Nature and the environment are also a very strong influence in my designs and work. I am a designer in precious metals, stones and wood. I use these materials together to make a statement about how precious our forests are in the world, an unspoken statement. I like the idea that all elements become equal and precious in their own right.


I enjoy experimenting with different textures in my metal pieces, by using different hammers and a rolling mill to roll press patterns into my metal pieces to achieve an individual result, that is then created into a unique piece of jewellery. The wood provides me with lovely patterns and unique colours to play with.  l combine the two materials by riveting them together and l might then add a precious or semi-precious stone to the piece to balance out the simple design. No two pieces are made the same. I hope my individual pieces communicate to you

“Simplicity is sophistication” By Leonardo De Vinci


1988          Advanced Certificate in Art and

                   Design, Whitehorse College of


1989-91    BA Craft Degree – Major in Gold                          and Silversmith.   Minor in Cold


1991-92    Blacksmithing Course

2007         Visa Community Leadership

                  program.    Created a community

                  project called the “Yarra Valley

                  Open Studios”.

2010         Precious Metal Clay (PMC)                                   Workshops with Carol Gregory

2011         'Making Stamps‘ Workshop for PMC

                  with Lara Le Reveur

2014         Resin Jewellery Workshop with


2015         Wax modelling for metal casting

                  with Jane Ruljancich


Community Art:

2000-05   Inaugural committee member of                        community group, “Banyan Gallery”,                  to educate community about Local


2001-09  Member of the Yarra Valley Arts


                 Organised the KidsART Exhibitions

                 inviting 21 local primary schools to

                 participate in a group exhibition.

2009-11  President of the “Yarra Valley Open                    Studios” coordinating the annual                        event each year assisted by the                          Yarra Valley Open Studios                                    Association.  I also took part as a                        Gold and Silversmith and exhibited                    in the group exhibitions.



2005       Inaugural Banyan Gallery Exhibition                   at Healesville Wine Centre

2005       “Made from the Heart”, at Silvermist                 Studio.

2008       ‘Artist in Context’ at Three Stories

2009-11 ‘Yarra Valley Open Studios’ Group                       Exhibitions at Sticks Winery

2014      ‘Nature’ Group Exhibition at Art at

               Linden Gate


Personal Development:

2010–12 Business Partner and Artist in “Mud                   Glass Metal”, Healesville.

2013       Curator of the Art Gallery at Mont De                 Lancey Homestead, Wandin North.

2013–16 Home based business, making



Stockist - RACV Healesville Country Club.

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