Carolyn Vickers

Painting, Printmaking, Drawing

0425 772 674

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Carolyn grew up on a farm in country Victoria with four sisters also interested in art, lots of dogs, cats and parents who encouraged their artistic endeavours. She doesn’t remember a time that didn’t involve art and lots of drawing of animals, people and nature. These are still her favourite subjects.

She chose printmaking when doing a B.A. of Fine Art at Victoria College and has recently returned to that medium, particularly linoprints. Carolyn enjoys the bold graphic effects and surprise element that is uncovered when printing linocuts.

She loves observing and capturing the character of animals and her own pets have been the subjects for many drawings, painting and anthropomorphic interpretations. Observing animals in general and capturing their quirks, essence and soulfulness is an important part of Carolyn’s art practice and one she enjoys sharing with fellow animal and nature lovers.