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Carol McConnell

Pastels and Acrylic Spirit Guides


5966 2330 or 0466 948753 [email protected]

Pastel, Spirit Guide Drawings, Acrylic Abstract Art, Spirit Guide Workshops.


Hi I'm Carol McConnell,

I live in East Warburton surrounded by majestic mountains and the Yarra river. My medium is pastels, I also like to paint in acrylics, and create Splatt art I call it, abstracts with lots of colour.


My only training has been a six week course learning to draw Spirit Guides and Angels. I now love to teach people how to draw their own guides and angels using a simple technique that anyone with no experience in art can do easily.


It's a joyful moment when their creativity kicks in and the guide appears on the paper before them, the connection is made and their self esteem sky rockets, because they didn't think they could do it.


I use meditation and Aura Soma colour therapy to awaken, heal and inspire people to the soul essence of art, through raising our self esteem and self awareness.


I run weekend afternoon workshops with all materials supplied, they are very friendly and lots of fun. I am a Spiritual Teacher and Healer with 20 years experience, I also do healing readings, and drawing peoples guides if they don't  want to do the workshops.


Nobody knows what will come through which is the magic and wonderful surprise at the end of the day, thankyou.

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