Adrienne Kneebone

Fibre Artist, Grass Sculpture

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Adrienne is interested in the soft grasses of Victoria, adding colour, humour and stories of the Central Desert to her work. Adrienne Kneebone spent 12 years in the Northern Territory mastering the craft of weaving as well as working extensively with women from Western Arhnem land. She has a lot of skills, knowledge and storytelling to share and finds enjoyment in the atmosphere of a weaving group. Her skills range from basket twining, to native grass cobbling through to bush toy making. She now resides by the Yarra River in East Warburton where she has adapted to weaving with the local plant material. Her artworks are light-hearted and enjoyable as she draws the creative spirit from people.

To book a workshop contact Adrienne

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0408 856 179

grass weaving hands